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The Witchboard Store is the longest-surviving handcrafted spirit board shop on the Internet! I've been collecting talking boards since the '90s and began making my own soon after. Being a collector, I noticed the trend of lowering quality year after year. It's my goal to bring talking boards back to their former glory. I'm excited to report that it's working!

I've sold over 1,300 handcrafted boards! These aren't made of cardboard and plastic; they're wood. They're not 15 inches long; they're up to 23 inches. They're also much thicker. ABC and CBS have both bought boards from me and one of my boards recently appeared in the horror film Jonah Lives.

Call them what you will: witchboards, spirit boards, talking boards, or channeling boards. There's also the most famous name, Ouija, which is currently owned by Hasbro. All talking boards work the same way; mine just look better doing it. Do you wish to know the future? The past? Place your hands on the planchette and ask away!

I currently have three categories of talking boards (my new Raimi boards, my original Witchboard World boards, and my Deluxe boards). Any of these will last for generations much like fine handcrafted furniture.

Each board has its own distinct look and I'm sure to have one that suits your taste. Click on the categories above to learn more about each type. You can also browse all my boards below if you prefer. If you have any questions, just shoot me an email. Facebook is a great place for general Ouija board questions too. Just "like" Raimi Witchboards on facebook and post on my wall. I'd love to hear from you!

May the spirits be your guide. Questions? Let me know! -Dan
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